Day-to-Day Business Card Marketing

Whether you’re a businessman or a freelance service provider, your business cards are going to play a big role in your success. The world is big out there but if you want to make good in whatever you do, you have to leave a mark. Yet before you can even leave a mark, you have to make yourself known. Make yourself known as an expert in your field or as a merchant who’s committed to his clients’ needs. Establish your presence. While the Internet has grown into a very important medium for marketing, there is still much to be done offline. And when it comes down to offline marketing, one thing you can count on is your business card.

By all means, never leave home without your business card. Whether you’re going on a date or to the wet market to pick up some seafood, you need to bring your business card. You’ll never know whom you’ll be bumping into. Casual meetings can bring you face-to-face with a person who can give you business and if you don’t have anything to give this person so he can call you, don’t expect him to go looking for you after you say your goodbyes.

Another smart thing you can do is to simply shower your social and business circle with your cards. But you don’t want to be annoying so play it down and, as much as possible, do it when no one’s watching. Of course, during business meetings, this is perfectly okay. Otherwise, you’re going to need just the perfect timing. You need not catch everyone’s attention when giving someone your card, but you do need to have that person pay attention to do as you do that. This is to ensure that he actually is aware that he has your card even when you are out of sight. Don’t give your card when the person is busy with something – he’ll probably forget about it even if the card has been in his wallet for weeks.

Even when you attend personal affairs such as class reunions, be generous with your contact information. The point here is to have as many people know about what you do or what you offer. And as these people move around their own circles, they can easily make referrals to you. Then, you will have more room to widen your market reach and that means more sales potential.