Cause Related Bracelets and Jewelry

For thousands of years, jewelry has been a way to express personal choice, opinions, and preferred fashion. In these modern times, people have gone one step further with jewelry, designing items of beauty and eye-catching design to show support for various causes. No other piece of jewelry has been utilized more than cause-related bracelets.

Nowadays, there are so many different causes to support. There are pro- and anti-life causes, cancer awareness bracelets, and hundreds of other causes. The bracelets used to support these are usually rubber, colored specifically to the cause, and have certain words stamped into the outside of the bracelet, such as the more famous cause related bracelet, the Live Strong bracelet.

It can be argued that Lance Armstrong started the cause related bracelet fad by creating the Live Strong bracelet. This particular bracelet is yellow and stamped with the words “live strong”.

The way these bracelets work is, the bracelet is sold for a small profit, and the mass of the profits go straight to the cause the bracelet supports.

Cause related bracelets have spread to other areas of fashion as well. Now, instead of just cancer and illness causes, bracelets can now reflect graduation years, birthdays, and other events of importance. Young teens wear just a few bracelets to dozens, depending on fashions at the time.

Cause related bracelets are a great way to show your support for whatever cause is close to your heart. And they are usually fairly inexpensive, so it’s easy for people to choose more than one cause.