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Wholesale Designer Handbags – A Fashion and Business Trend

Designer handbags seem to have this unwritten requirement for physical hugeness for them to be fashionably huge as well. These days, the in thing are those bags where you could practically put everything you normally find in your dresser such as your makeup, your jewelry, your cellphones and their chargers, to name a few. Whether it’s increased usability or merely the fashion flash of huge designer bags, this trend is definitely in full swing.

Some of the more particularly celebrated names during this period in fashion handbag history are the classics such as Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel who, among others, have just resurrected handbags that are created for function. Wiped out are those little cutesy thingies where nothing seems to fit except the owner’s fingers. Now, whether you’re a career woman rushing off to a corporate presentation or a housewife picking up some quick groceries at the convenience store, huge bags make you in step with style.

As usual, the variety is something to keep getting excited about. Colors come in the standards blacks and grays and whites without shunning the bolder and sunnier hues that are always great for daytime. From Louis Vuitton’s Speedy 35 to Chanel’s comebacking quilted 2.55, everything is a perfect combination of style and usability. With a lot of room to use, the wearer is afforded that convenience of having everything she needs in one handbag while still looking fab!

If you want an instant collection of these designer treasures, you can have them as wholesale discount handbags, purses and even jewelry. Big or small, there’s nothing you won’t find wholesale. But when it comes to the business side of it, there’s only big things waiting. When you buy wholesale, you buy cheap which then leaves you a lot of room to make profit out of each designer bag or item you sell. Just put up a website and you’ve got your own business. Think of how many girls or women just like you would like to have those very designer handbags you’re probably considering buying right now.